CAADC - Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Overview of Requirements


2,000 hours, full- or part-time clinical counseling experience, post Masters degree, working with substance use disorder or co-occurring disorder clients at a State of Michigan licensed substance use disorder service provider program, or MCBAP approved alternative provider. Refer to “Experience” section in the application instructions for further explanation.


100 hours of direct supervision in SUD services, post-Master’s degree, specific to the IC&RC/AADC Performance Domains (with a minimum of 25 hours in each Domain. Refer to “Supervision” section in the instructions for further explanation. Supervision hours will typically be a sub part of the Experience hours.


Master’s Degree or higher, or license at a Master’s level, in psychology, social work, counseling, psychiatric nursing, addiction science, or marriage and family therapy, with a clinical application. 186 total education hours. 180 education hours that are specific to substance use disorders. Six (6) hours of MCBAP approved education in behavioral health professional practice ethics, or MCBAP approved alternative.  Refer to “Education” section in the application instructions for further explanation.

Education for the CAADC must be in the IC&RC AADC Domain topics and must be specifically focused on alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drug use issues. Key words in course titles are: substance abuse, substance use disorder, drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, or co-occurring disorders. General courses in clinical theory and therapeutic methods will not count if not specific to SUD specialty services.


IC&RC/AADC, Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor examination

Code of Ethics

Sign and adhere to the current MCBAP Counselor Code of Ethical Standards.


Must live or work within the State of Michigan fifty-one (51%) percent of the time.


When all requirements have been completed, submit your CAADC application to MCBAP for review.  All documentation must be on copies of the forms provided and in the format specified in the application forms and instructions. Please note, all requirements must have been completed within the previous ten years of submitting the application.


Submit the non-refundable application fee.

Initial Certification

Once approved, the initial CAADC certification period will be for two (2) years.


Renewal at the end of the two (2) year period requires submission of the Renewal Application and proof of completion of at least 40 hours of continuing education, with at least 20 hours being SUD specific.

Application Process

All applications are completed in the Certemy platform. Once approved, the initial certification period is valid for a two year period. Before you start the initial application process, you will need to decide if you would like to be in a 2 year renewal cycle or a 3 year renewal cycle starting after the initial two year period.

General Information for Applicants