CCS Development Plan

What is a Development Plan and why are you being asked to apply for this?

  • You are becoming employed at a licensed program providing substance use disorder services, but you do not yet hold the specialty certification from the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP) that is required under a State of Michigan funded contract, State licensing, by another payer source or quality assurance source, or employer which requires it.
  • An approved MCBAP -registered Development Plan is a time-limited, one-time opportunity to gain employment in these services prior to having completed the needed professional specialty certification.  The Plan is an agreement between you and your employer.
  • MCBAP certification requires focused preparation and demonstration of competencies in alcohol/drug addiction and related fields, meeting the requirements of certification:  formal education, working experience with supervision, and passing of the fitting IC&RC* examination. Since this may take some time, the Development Plan allows you to work while completing the requirements, with a time limit. *IC&RC is International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium – the world’s largest addiction specialty certification standards system.
  • If you formerly held an earlier (now lapsed) MCBAP credential or had a past MCBAP Development Plan which expired before completion, you may not be eligible for a new Plan, however you may be able to apply for Reinstatement. Contact MCBAP to determine eligibility.
  • A registered Development Plan is not recommended unless it is required by your employer and their payment sources as an alternative to full certification.
  • A Development Plan is not required prior to applying for a MCBAP credential. If you do not complete the full certification process before your Development Plan expires, you may continue to prepare for the MCBAP certification on your own schedule However, your position with your employer may be affected in the interim.
  • If you are working as a temporary or short-term student intern, discuss this with your employer, regional public funding entity, or contact MCBAP before applying for a Development Plan. You may not need to register for a Development Plan at this time.

General Information for Applicants

Application Process

All applications are completed in the Certemy platform. It is important that you read the instructions above before getting started.

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