Professional Associations

The following list is intended to identify additional sponsors/ sources of education that are acceptable without having to include specific language regarding MCBAP approval

Federal Government Sources

Educational activities sponsored or co-sponsored by any of the agencies listed below may be applied to meet the educational requirements for certification. Training sources merely linked from any of these organization websites are only acceptable if they meet the sponsorship criteria for one of the sources found in this manual.

Looking for Training?

Specific Education: The majority of course content must focus on alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drug use issues. Key words in course titles are: substance abuse, substance use disorder, drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, or co-occurring disorders.

Related Education: General courses in clinical theory and therapeutic methods, or courses that only touch briefly on substance use disorder will count as related.

Approved Providers have been pre-approved to offer training. These are great resources to find multiple approved courses all with the same provider!

The On-site Training Calendar is a list of  courses approved by MCBAP.

Distance Learning Courses are not done online, instead coursework is mailed directly to you.

Additional Resources: