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IC&RC Exams –

IC&RC Exams:  Qualifying exams for MCBAP/IC&RC credentials include Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC), Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC), Prevention Specialist (PS), Clinical Supervision (CCS), and Peer Recovery (PR). Exams are taken in computer-based testing format at a testing center.

Computer-based testing offers candidates more scheduling flexibility and more locations.  Computer-based exams may be scheduled during any months of the year at a network of professional testing centers. You should register at least four weeks in advance. The cost of these exams is $175 and can be paid via check, money order, OR under the PAYMENTS tab of this website.  

For those needing accommodations, please email info@mcbap.com for more information along with a note on the bottom of your exam registration form. 

Registration is completed in two steps. First submit the registration form to MCBAP, along with the exam fee. Forms can be emailed to info@mcbap.com , faxed or mailed.  Applicants are then contacted by SMT NOTICE via email to complete registration by selecting a test location, date, and time.

It is recommended that you use a personal email address and not a company email address when registering.

Re-Test Policy

Candidates needing to retake an IC&RC examination must wait 90 days after the failed test date. The 90 day waiting period applies to all versions of the IC&RC primary clinical examinations as a single group (CADC, CAADC), such that candidates may not alternative between failed attempts of any of these examinations within less than 90 days. To schedule a re-test, follow the same process as your original exam by sending in the registration form and fee.


Exam Study Resources


CANDIDATE GUIDES FOR ALL IC&RC EXAMS are available at International Credentialing.

Study Material for some IC&RC exams are available through the Distance Learning Center.

Study Guide for the ADC / AADC exams are available at Florida Certification Board.

Study Material for the PS exam is available through the Rhode Island Certification Board.

Study Material for the CPRM exam is available through the Rhode Island Certification Board.

Additional study material at Addiction Exam Prep

Additional study material at ecare Behavioral Health Institute

MCBAP does not recommend one study guide over another. It is up to the applicant to decide which guide if any to buy. In addition, MCBAP does not guarantee that purchasing the material will result in an applicant passing the exam. MCBAP assumes no liability for any materials purchased.


Practice Exams

IC&RC now offers online practice exams for the following three examinations: Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC), Clinical Supervisor (CS), and Prevention Specialist (PS). Practice exams for all other examinations will be forthcoming.

Practice exams were developed to mimic IC&RC’s Computer Based Testing platform to enhance a candidate’s preparation experience. Candidates are given 60 minutes to complete the 50 question practice exam. At the completion of each practice exam, candidates are provided with a score report detailing their performance based on the various content areas of the examination.

The cost of each practice exam is a non-refundable $49.00 fee. Retries of the practice exams are not included in the fee. Purchase of practice exams is done through IC&RC.

Practice exams are just one of the many resources available to candidates preparing for their IC&RC examination. For more information on practice exams and other preparation materials, please visit the Exam Preparation page of IC&RC’s website at IC&RC Practice Exam Information


USDOT SAP Exam – The IC&RC network offers US Department of Transportation (USDOT) SAP Exam (required to qualify as a USDOT certified Substance Abuse Professional. The SAP exam is offered on the same dates and locations as the IC&RC Exams. The cost of this exam is $165.00.

Since December 31, 2003, you cannot be a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) unless you have received qualified training and successfully passed a validated exam. MCBAP/IC&RC administers the SAP exam required to meet the USDOT testing requirement.